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BBell's Corner of The World / Re: From Pulse to No Pulse
« Last post by gitano1 on June 20, 2016, 07:41:25 AM »
I hear your pain. If you have read something other than the usual leftist literature you will discover that the lies continue. Loretta Lynch has released the tapes of Mateen'r rantings, only they have edited out anything he said about Islam or Isis. It was obviously because of the availability of guns to honest citizens that those poor people died. Unbelievable bullshit, but all too believable given the lies of the last seven years.
BBell's Corner of The World / From Pulse to No Pulse
« Last post by bbell on June 19, 2016, 05:13:50 PM »
From Pulse to No Pulse

With Religious hate!
The rhythm of the night, yields to fight or flight
Why does blood seep —from our bodies?

With Homophobic hate!
Night falls on him as he calls his mother.
Why has our politicians —failed us so?

With great anger and self loathing!
Night falls on her as she calls her brother.
Why does her blood pool —on this bathroom floor?

With the abdication of moral authority!
Night falls on me, as I call for my lover —to just breathe.
Why, oh God, why —OH GOD WHY?

Like our blood for your guns!
Night falls on us as we call out.
Why has only death —answered?

By B. Bell
BBell's Corner of The World / Re: Top Ten Selling T-Shirts at Trump Rallys
« Last post by gitano1 on June 11, 2016, 05:16:18 AM »
I agree that for the uneducated masses he must appear to be "intelligent." He is inarticulate, ignorant and lazy to anyone with any sophistication at all. He is, by my lights, dangerous mainly because of his incredible ignorance and intellectual laziness. He has demonstrated during the primaries and the debates that he has almost no knowledge of current events, geography, or any of a large number of issues he will face if elected. What is worse is that he has almost no willingness to listen to advisors. Like Obama, he thinks he is smarter than all of the people around him. He is used to running his corporation all by himself, surrounding himself with sycophants. As much as I detest Hillary and consider her corrupt and unsuited to any political office, I believe that, if the Republicans can maintain their hold on the Congress, she can be controlled, and the damage she can do will be minimized. God knows what Trump would do or whether the Congress would have the balls to control him any better than they have Obama. The idea that he could be easily impeached is a pipe dream. There is still hope on the Republican side that the convention could pull a rabbit out of the hat. Trump dropped six points against Hillary yesterday in polling. If he continues to drop the delegates will have a reason to find someone better able to win against Hillary. ntw#
BBell's Corner of The World / Re: Top Ten Selling T-Shirts at Trump Rallys
« Last post by Thumb on June 10, 2016, 06:17:32 PM »
So what you are saying bbell is that he is a perfect politician!  ;D
BBell's Corner of The World / Re: Top Ten Selling T-Shirts at Trump Rallys
« Last post by bbell on June 10, 2016, 04:50:18 PM »
Donald Trump crossed over to scaring me about a week and a half ago. What Trump truly believes is unknown to me. But what he has put out there during this election season has me worried. He seems as much of an opportunist as Hillary is a pure political animal. What makes Trump dangerous is that his rhetoric in someone with the possible power he could have, could give cover to a lot of unsavory people to do some not good things. I see why some people would be drawn to him. Donald Trump may not be the smartest person, but he is well educated and has the mannerism that comes with what some people believe, smart wealthy people act like. Average people for the most part, can not easily distinguish between a well educated person, who may or not be intelligent, and a person who may be well educated and intelligent.
BBell's Corner of The World / Re: Top Ten Selling T-Shirts at Trump Rallys
« Last post by gitano1 on June 10, 2016, 08:29:54 AM »
I need to add something here. Most of the tee shirt designs shown above credit Trump with racism. I tend to think of racism as a conscious choice rather than a knee-jerk reaction. Trump is an idiot. He is inarticulate, lazy, egocentric, and stupid. His "racism" comes from his essential laziness. He has never really given it any thought or consideration. His father handed him a major fortune which he has just barely managed to maintain, a fortune a more astute and gifted man would have turned into an incredible fortune.
He and I went to school together at Kew Forest School in Queens. He was two years behind me, but the school was small enough that we all knew each other. Both he and I left KF at about the same age. He went to a military school, I went to Exeter Academy.
Trump was never a good student. He was a decent athlete, but he was intellectually mediocre. Had he come from a normal middle class home and attended the public school system he very likely would have ended up as a car salesman or some other profession requiring more guile than brain.
Trump himself is not, in my opinion, as racist in the true sense. However, his candidacy did attract that particular type of person to him. Realizing that he was gaining popularity by saying certain things, he has continued to say them, not because he believes them, realistically, I don't think he believes in anything, but rather for the simple purpose of appearing attractive to his newly won fans. Trump will gravitate to anyone who pays him homage. The more he draws those low-lives to his cause the more he will use the vocabulary needed to keep them behind him. He completely lacks introspection. He is the very definition of an unexamined life.
On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is a crook. She is the most consciously dishonest person I have ever seen. Her actions around Benghazi and the emails, her treatment of the women who Bill used and misused are all completely disqualifying in terms of her ability to be president of the United States. Maybe, we just need four years without a chief executive to allow the ugliness and divisiveness of the last 7 years to dissipate before we try to select and elect the next president.
BBell's Corner of The World / Re: Top Ten Selling T-Shirts at Trump Rallys
« Last post by Thumb on June 10, 2016, 06:58:41 AM »
I'm voting for Pat Paulsen, is he still alive?  ~---~
BBell's Corner of The World / Re: Top Ten Selling T-Shirts at Trump Rallys
« Last post by gitano1 on June 10, 2016, 04:54:07 AM »
LIke I said earlier, no argument from me on this one. The man is a disaster. Too bad the Democrats can't come up with anyone better.
BBell's Corner of The World / Top Ten Selling T-Shirts at Trump Rallys
« Last post by bbell on June 10, 2016, 01:09:15 AM »




PC Support / Re: Upgrading your laptop
« Last post by bbell on June 07, 2016, 10:08:46 AM »
You know while I researching new laptop possibilities, I had sort of the same problem you had. There were so many variants of my model that I was not entirely sure what my laptop had or did not have. I finally found the proper model number and its sub variant and was able to download the proper specs.

Which brought up another problem that has been bothering me about products these days. When I first bought this laptop, I bought it because I walk into the store and they were having a laptop sale. All laptops were on sale and the one I bought was discounted to almost half price. It just happen to be a Toshiba but it could have been any brand. Because when you search online for reviews of products, it seems nothing has less than a good rating. Some how the cumulative ratings of the products always seem to land in the good to very good ratings. The customers reviews for products just never seem right. This time I lucked out, wish I could say the same about a washing machine I bought about the same time.
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