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The Tudors ******
« on: August 24, 2011, 09:33:02 AM »
In the 1970s Masterpiece Theater on PBS ran the British production, The Six Wives of Henry VIII. It starred Robert Shaw. It was a wonderful production filled with the finest of the Old Vic acting company. When SHOWTIME's The Tutors first season showed up on the shelves of Blockbuster it looked to me like another of the exploitive, sexually explicit, overdone productions which ignored history for the sake of drama. The youth of the cast stuck me as just another attempt to grab hold of that young audience which seems the target of so much cinema and television these days.
I was wrong in my assessment. I started watching the series which is now available on NETFLIX Instant Watch through the first four seasons earlier this week. I have seen the first six episodes and am thoroughly hooked.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is Henry. He is a marvelous actor with a terrific grasp of the character of Henry VIII who attained the throne at the age of 18 and was soon thereafter married to his brother Arthur's widow, Catherine of Aragon, who is played by the classically beautiful Maria Doyle Kennedy. The marriage was unproductive of a male heir, and Henry soon grew tired of Catherine. He had a countless number of dalliances with ladies of the court, some of which are somewhat explicitly shown in the series leading ultimately to his divorce of Catherine and marriage to the youthfully beautiful Anne Boleyn.
There were any number plots and subplots around Henry's court. Some end up with the offender having his head cut off, a thing that became very common as Henry's rule went on.
There are an amazing number of very important historical figures who enter into the story. This age of Henry VIII is one of extreme historical importance. Along with his daughter, Elizabeth I, we have, perhaps, the most eventful era in English history.
The episodes are dramatic, romantic, and extremely enjoyable. If you haven't checked this one out, do so. It is, of course, not really suitable for children. This is the adult version of history.

Addendum: I watched the last of the series last night. The quality remained consistent throughout the four seasons, ten episodes each. Jonathan Rhys Meyers did a wonderful job as Henry. The various female actors called upon to play the roles of his six wives were also wonderful. Although the series took some liberties with historical facts, by and large, it was generally accurate in portraying a sense of the time and its most important events and personalities. The complexities of the various members of the Tutor clan made them particularly interesting characters, and the superb choice of actors for each role made those complexities far more interesting and believable. As with Tony Soprano, you find yourself drawn to them and repulsed at times by their behaviors.
Let me reiterate my recommendation. This is a wonderful series for mature adults.
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