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Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) ******
« on: June 30, 2012, 09:02:44 AM »
I have not seen this film is years, and had forgotten just how wonderful it was. It is with certainty of Cary Grants best performances. However, it is also a major triumph for Frank Capra and the entire cast, all of whom are absolutely wonderful. It is a laugh out loud comedy.
Mortimer Brewster, famed critic and notorious bachelor, is getting married. His new wife is the daughter of a minister who lives just across a Brooklyn cemetery from his two elderly aunts. When he and his new wife stop by the aunts’ house on their way to their honeymoon they become embroiled in a horrifying situation.
The two old ladies have a hobby. They assist lonely old men on their way to oblivion by giving them a potion of elderberry wine and arsenic. The elderly gentlemen are then buried in the basement, called Panama, by Mortimer’s insane brother Teddy who believes that he is Theodore Roosevelt. The old ladies see this as a public service. Teddy thinks that they are victims of Yellow Fever.
When Mortimer finds a body, Mr. Hoskins, in the window seat, he gets dragged into the insanity of the household and has to put his honeymoon on hold while he works things out.
If this isn’t enough, enter Jonathan, Mortimer’s criminally insane brother. Jonathan is traveling with his person plastic surgeon, Dr. Einstein who has recently converted Jonathan to a Boris Karloff look-alike after watching Frankenstein and operating while drunk.
The entire film is an unending series of belly laughs. The casting is wonderful. The editing and comic timing is impeccable. This one is a true classic that everyone should see at least once, although, I have no doubt that having seen it once you will want to watch it often.
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