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Act of Valor
« on: July 09, 2012, 03:45:09 AM »
I was going to write a review, but I'll just comment on Gitano's instead:

This movie is like Black Hawk Down (BHD) without good actors.  The action isn't as intense as BHD, the acting isn't as good, but the movie is still a good movie.  Recent great war movies (Saving Private Ryan, BHD) have at least one thing in common, one or two scenes that leave the audience emotionally drained.  In SPR, it was the opening landing on Normandy.  In BHD, it was the 15 minutes that the convey was driving around The Moag getting hit constantly with tens of thousands of rounds and the scene where the Delta team special ops are protecting the downed helicopter crew with such precision and teamwork it's almost as if we were watching a coreographed dance.  Act of Valor does not have such scenes.  Instead, this is a blue collar, working man's movie about how the SEALs track down leads and bad people to make sure bad things don't happen.  They leave behind families that need them to do the work that we, their fellow Americans need them to do.  They bleed, kill and die to keep us safe.  Most of the time, we never even know about it.

As Gitano wrote, this movie touchs on a few issues that most Hollyweird studios are too PC or afraid to address:  Islamic fundementalism/terror, wide open US borders that can be (and most likely are being) exploited by enemies of this country, and most importantly, the valor and bravery of our US military.  How refreshing to watch a movie that has an agenda that is pro-US military and pro-america.  This movie (accurately) portrays our war fighters as ordinary men doing extraordinary things and going above and beyond, doing the dirty work that most of us don't have the fortitude or backbone to do.  They truly are the ones running into the fray while the rest are running away from it.  To these men duty, honor, fraternity, fidelity, bravery and sacrfice are more than words, they are a way of living.

I wish I had seen this at the theater.  Perhaps the battle scenes would have been more intense if seen on a big movie screen.  Still, I recommend you get this movie and watch it, if only to be reminded of what these heros are doing for us every day.  While I'd love to say the whole family should watch it, the violence and the cursing make this a bit too much for the young ones.  What this film lacks in acting it makes up for in message.

God bless the SEALs and God bless America!

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4 out of 5