Author Topic: A moment of reckoning: God's Will and Women  (Read 728 times)

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A moment of reckoning: God's Will and Women
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A moment of reckoning: God's Will and Women

As the elevator slowed to a halt and the ding sounded, Mitt thought for a split second that the ride to the top floor of his parking garage had taken longer than usual. It had not taken any longer, he was suffering from the effects of the aftermath of if not a devastating defeat, definitely a humbling defeat. A mental side effect where the mind often slips into realms of fantasy about what should have been and what could have been, and time slips away. Another being an unusually tired body, the result of having so much adrenaline running through your body for days on end, then suddenly it is gone, without so much as a thank you for the good time. “Without so much as a thank you for the good time,” he wondered out loud, is this the feeling of used abandonment that women suffer after a rape.
Mitt was sitting in the back seat of his car, he did not remember getting there, another variation of the mental side effect of a devastating loss. Your mind makes both logical and non logical leaps in thought, such as the rape analogy he had been pondering, apparently for quite awhile. For he had walk passed several cars including two of his wife's Cadillacs, with the sobering thought that perhaps he should not have surrounded himself with so many people who did not have empathy for women who had been sexually assaulted. “Sexually Assaulted,” he whispered to himself, another polite word for rape.
How could any man know what it is like to be forcefully penetrated against their will, and from such an action have a pregnancy occur. To then be forced to live with the consequences of that violent act for nine months. Nine months of weight gain, a strained back, hormonal swings, frequent urination, and constant tiredness, doctors appointments after doctors appointments and finally child birth itself. Would childbirth be the finality or would it bring about a lifelong love hate relationship with someone that was spawned not from the act of love but from violence and God's will. God's will, “Are you alright?” Someone quietly asked.

Another significant amount of time had passed and he was now at his nearly empty campaign headquarters, with many pondering thoughts, doctors appointments after doctors appointments, his wife's MS, 47 percent and God's will. His lovely wife has MS, God's will, he had accepted that fact a long time ago. Of course it was much easier for him and his family to accept this fact, because he could afford to manage the disease. Though the medicine to keep the disease at bay cost thousands a month, with his very good health insurance, he never gave it any thought. Even the thought of reaching the insurance companies 1 million dollar life time pay out cap did not bother him for he could still pay for her care with out much financial pain at all. Mitt touched his temple as a thought pierced its way to the fore front. What if I was a woman, part of the 47%, part of the working poor and a rape victim. His mind could not resist, it went there, the narrative began. Mitt wins the Presidency!

She was walking home from work because her car had broken down and like so many times before it would be several pay checks before she could afford to repair it. God's will. The hour was late, like so many minimum wage jobs, the shifts were long and often ended long after the buses stop running. God's will. As she walked home an opportunity presented it self to a stranger. Perhaps he was just a bad man or maybe it was her ovulating pheromones that got the best of him, either way the opportunity began with her body being violently assaulted by him and ended with her body being violently rapped by him. God's will.

A few weeks later as she viewed the pregnancy test she threw up, not from morning sickness but from remembering the horrible gracious acts of God that had brought her to this moment in time. Ever since the Plan Parenthood clinic was shut down, the only birth control she had used was condoms. She had no family doctor or health insurance. Plan Parenthood was not a part of God's will, for they were all defunct in her city. Something that she had relied on ever since she was 13 for basic health care issues such as breast examines, gynecological issues, nutritional advice and the scourge of many, birth control. Had been effectively shut down by God's will because the 47% did not deserve such luxuries. Now she began to cry.

As she cried the vomit flowed forth once again, as she pondered or more accurately put, worried about how she was going to pay for all of this. The car was still broken, she lost a weeks worth of pay, in a few months her work hours would be cut, the demands of the job and the 3rd  trimester of a pregnancy did not work well together. All God's will. At this point she would gladly consent to a trans vaginal probe while watching the results on the screen. She would even endure a religious berating, if it would mean she could remove the evil growing inside of her. As she lay curled up on the bathroom floor, that nagging thought of regret pierced its way to the fore front once again. She lived less than a mile from her polling place and she did not vote. Her will was now supplanted, not by God's, but by men. Men who saw her as nothing more than a tool. A tool for pleasure, a tool for comfort, a tool for procreation, a tool for so many other things she could not bring her mind to ponder. A tool she thought can have great value depending on how well it is made, on how well it is maintained and of course on how well it is wielded by its master. But in the end a tool is just a tool.

The ringing of the phone and the sweet smell of a woman's perfume ended the horrifying narrative. Mitt thought, this is not how I have ever perceived women. As he glanced at the caller id, he realized that maybe he did not view women in such negative terms, but he had surrounded himself and his campaign with people who did. Their actions, their words both spoken and written, had shown a great lack of respect for women in so many ways. So much so that no reasonable person could not see this. Mitt realized that he had not been reasonable for quite a while, as he continued to look at the name on the caller id. It was only as he raised the phone to his ear to speak to Karl Rove that he realized that God's will had been asserted via a coalition of millions of non toolish women and other reasonable Americans, and that his butt was now occupying the seat of power it rightfully deserved. There was a knock at the door, “Mitt are you ok? You've been in the bathroom for almost an hour.”

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You must forgive them. So many people did not slay the bogey man living under their bed as a child. Thus they feel him everywhere, hence the need to always carry a gun. Living in fear of the bogey man is a heavy burden for people to carry. So sad.