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House of Cards ******
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Based loosely on the British three part series about a politician who is denied what he believed are his just rewards and seeks revenge, House of Cards is a 13 part series starring Kevin Spacey and Kate Mara. It is a remarkable insight in the political world that is Washington D.C.
Spacey is Francis (Frank) Underwood, Democrat Majority Whip in the House of Representatives. When he helps the new president in his campaign, Frank is expecting to be nominated for a promised cabinet post. Instead he is passed over and a series of others are offered in his place. He then begins his own complex and devious campaign to put himself into a direct line of ascension to the highest office of the land.
Underwood is a wonderful character, charismatic, empathetic, ambitious, brilliant, devious, and driven. It is almost impossible not to love and admire him. He is the perfect  antihero. He is married to a beautiful woman, Robin Wright,  who is every bit his match and equally ambitious. Theirs is a relationship which combines love and pragmatism is perfect synchronicity. They each have their affairs, but never lose sight of their goals which are primary.
Kate Mara is Zoe Barnes a young, ambitious reported for a major Washington newspaper. She becomes Frank’s lover and unknowing accomplish in his Machiavellian plot. She is driven as much by her own ambitions as by his.
Corey Stoll is a young congressman, Peter Russo, with not too savory background. Russo has a history of alcohol and drug abuse as well as a weakness for prostitutes. He is easily manipulated and unknowingly dragged into Underwood’s game.
Michael Kelly play Doug Stamper, Underwood’s aide de camp and right hand man. He is a sinister character without being a sinister character.
The series is extremely addicting. Each episode builds the unstable structure of Frank’s manipulations higher and higher without letting us really know where it is leading. There are subplots, as is only to be expected, as each of the lesser players has his or her own goal to achieve. No one is without guilt.
Frank, however, is ever the ring master. He frequently turns to us in brief asides and tells us the truth of what is happening, as much of the truth as Frank will reveal to anyone.
At the end of the last episode we are left gasping as Frank seems within reach of his most proximal goal, not the ultimate one, and the understructure is showing its weakness.
This is a terrific series, NetFlix first foray into making their own miniseries. It is definitely one that is worth seeing. It is worth paying for NetFlix for a month just to see it. The understanding that it provides into the workings of the system and the enormous egos that system engenders that we are all paying for, is better than any film I have ever seen on the subject.
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