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Hemlock Grove *
« on: May 06, 2013, 05:59:03 AM »
What an amazing come-down from House of Cards! Hemlock Grove has about every mistake a script writer or team of writers can make. It is amateurish, choppy, illogical, derivative, filled with F-bombs, and just plain stupid. None of it makes a lick's worth of sense. There are too many characters that have no other function than to float through a couple of episodes and die ignomiously with lots gore. The casting is illogical as well, an example, a Asian man with a German name. Where did that come from? But the worst of it is the total naivete of the writers who could not be more than 16 years old and of Rupunsel-like isolation in their life experiences. There is no real world awareness, no one bothered to attempt to create enough reality to make the fantasy work. It has all the earmarks of a script written by someone who has seen nothing but reruns of Twilight and its sequels. Perhaps, most offensive is the blatant stereotyping of a Gypsies. This may be one of the only racial groups without a lobby to protect their interests and speak for them. Lacking that, they become a target for what can only be called a disgusting promulgation of every myth ever told about them. It is every bit as bad as the early depictions of Blacks and Mexicans in films and stage plays, but since Gypsies have no organizations fighting for their rights they are freely stereotyped and denigrated in this series. 
I can only ask, what were the NetFlix executives thinking when they gave the go ahead to this piece of trash. It is about the worst garbage I have seen in many years, worse even because of the amount of money spent on it, and the complete stupidity and insensitivity of corporate executives who should have known better, who have demonstrated excellent judgment in the past, as in House of Cards. How could they have allowed this? I am stunned.
"Race has now replaced rule of law officially. In one speech our president has reversed 60 years of healing the racial divide and destroyed the dream of Dr. King. The result will be an exact reversal of the conditions existing before The Civil Rights Act. And the hardest hit will be the children in whose name the left always claims to act. Well done Obama". - Pendark