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House of Cards***** (English version)
« on: May 25, 2013, 09:31:54 AM »
Ian Richardson plays a Richard III like character who works his way from party Whip to Prime Minister in a three season/12 episode series. Having enjoyed enormously the first season of Kevin Spacey's series of the same name I was initially a bit put off by this series. However, once I had watched a could of episodes I began to truly appreciate the story. Richardson was a great Shakespearean actor, and he brings the qualities of many of his former roles to the role of Francis Urquarte. He has the same wonderful asides where he speaks directly to the audience that were incorporated into the later series. They are very effective, and Urquarte's inevitable line, "I couldn't possibly comment on it." never fails to bring an ironic laugh from the audience.
I had only a vague understanding of the workings of the House of Commons before watching the show. By the end of the series I had a much better sense of its procedures, so ignorance of the system will not be a problem for someone watching this series. It is about 10 years old, so the cinematography, etc., aren't nearly as good as Spacey's series, but it is still superb drama and well worth the time to watch. Urquarte is a character who might well have been written by a modern Shakespeare. The the late Ian Richardson was a wonderful actor who, like Kevin Spacey, made an essentially dispiccable character both charismatic and likeable.
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