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Cloud Atlas *****
« on: June 11, 2013, 04:42:24 PM »
Cloud Atlas is a very complex and multilayered story that I never thought could be effectively brought to film. When the film was released I was more than skeptical that it would be successful in conveying the novel. The reviewers were mixed, only giving it a 67% positive on Rotten Tomatoes. However, I think that given the complexity of the film that is actually a much higher rating than I would expect.
From my own viewpoint, I really enjoyed the film. I think that they were able to capture the essence of the novel by restructuring it in a way that made it far easier for viewing audience to understand than if they had maintained the structure of the original material.
Essentially, the story is about reincarnation, that each soul has a continuing life, that, as one character says, death is just a door to another life. The film develops this concept by using the same actors for a variety of roles spanning many centuries and interweaving the stories of these generations in a non-linear fashion. This is different from the book, and very effective, at least to one who has read the book.
The acting is marvelous with a terrific cast and wonderful make-up. The cinematography and special effects are superb, exactly what special effects should be, an enhancement, not a main feature.
I have to say that I enjoyed the film thoroughly, was not bored for moment. I can’t give it an unqualified recommendation because I am not sure how much of my enjoyment was due to my familiarity with the material. I do think that if you want a truly unique cinematic experience that you should watch it. It is different, but different isn’t bad.
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