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Olympus has Fallen *** 1/2
« on: August 16, 2013, 09:14:19 AM »
Though not particularly realistic, this film definitely gets your adrenaline flowing. The content is largely lifted from a Vince Flynn "Mitch Rapp" novel, I can't remember which one, I have read so many, involving the takeover of the White House by hostile forces, and the rescue of the President and his son by a single Secret Service agent.
In this case the perpetrators are a group of Koreans, not associated with either the North or the South, part of a group which wants the unification of the two countries into one. The attack on the White House begins with a prop driven plane entering restricted airspace over Washington, D.C. and raising havoc by flying at low altitude and spraying everywhere with chainguns.
After this plane is finally shot down by fighters, a ground assault begins. (interestingly, there is a very adequate armament capable of knocking out the plane mounted on the roof of the White House, but it does not come into play until it is used to assist the Koreans against a helicopter group ferrying a team of SEALS late in the movie.) Once again from the Koreans' standpoint everything goes without a hitch. They lose some of their people, but in the process they decimate the Secret Service, National Park Service Police, Washington D.C. PD, and a mess of innocent bystanders. The military call up takes a full 15 minutes while the assault only requires 14 to be completed.
As we saw with the crash of the helicopter in the Bin Ladin raid, even the best trained, practiced, and equipped military operations can have major failings when they actually happen. The ability of group of essentially amateurs to pull off an operation of this magnitude including bringing in a number of large vehicles resembling garbage trucks during midday traffic in the nation's capital is a bit over the top. But all goes without a problem. Secret Service agents obligingly walk directly into automatic weapons' fire and are mowed down like advancing Anzacs at Gallipoli.
With the President held hostage in the White House bunker and no real explanation of where the Vice President has gotten himself to the Speaker of the House, played by Morgan Freeman, takes over as acting President.
I found the apparent need to make a Black man the speaker a bit gratuitous. When I first saw that Freeman was in the cast, I was sure that he would be cast as the President since that seems to be the current meme in Hollywood. I guess, failing to make him the elected president they found a way to make a Black man president by decree, in this case by a Black woman who, I think, is the Chief of Staff. That was never made clear, and I am uncertain that it is in the province of the Chief of Staff to make that determination.
Anyway, our hero, played by Gerard Butler, battles his way through the White House saving the president's son and killing a major number of the Korean terrorists in the process, and eventually winning the day while the entire American military establishment remains on the outside totally helpless to do anything.
Despite its many faults, the action never stops. The bad guys are despiccable and our sense of patriotism rises in the face of an assault on the greatest of America's institutions (if only people would feel the same about Obama's even more successful assault on America's Constitution!) The film keeps you pretty close to the edge of your seat much as cotton candy provides a sweet treat without any nutrition, just empty calories.
I can't say I didn't enjoy it. I really did, and I think most adrenaline junkies will too. Just don't expect any lasting effects other than a bit of disgust as you think about how completely inane the whole experience was.
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