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After Earth **
« on: October 21, 2013, 08:23:13 AM »
Will Smith is a talented comic, and, like most comics, a great dramatic actor. Unfortunately, in this film he is neither. The problem is the screenwriter who happens to be Will Smith himself. Smith is not a good screenwriter. He isn't even a mediocre screenwriter. His dialog is monotonal. He really has very little understanding of his topic (a mistake that Hemingway warned other writers against). But, worst, he simply doesn't have what it takes to do a professional script.
When Smith and his son, Jaden, attempt to breathe life into his wooden characters they are more like Pinnochio than people of the future crash landed on a uninhabitable Earth. The film is a disaster.
Strewn throughout the film are elements of what Smith was trying to say, things like man is destroying the planet, killing off wildlife, creating a hostile environment which he will eventually have to leave. However, he also wants to create a film about a father and son, and about heroics, and a run through the jungle. He has too many goals and nowhere near the talent necessary to achieve any of them. Some of it is derivative and absurdly predictable, some is so idiotically stupid as to make you wonder why M. Night Shyamalan didn't tell Smith to remove the scene of rewrite it, although looking at the list of Shyamalan's grotesque failures one can only reason that this was the perfect storm of a talentless writer and a talentless director coming together.
This film only got an 11% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes which is pretty clear evidence that even the leftist have some standards.
Don't bother.
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