Author Topic: I am afraid but not naked, Yet....  (Read 2177 times)

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I am afraid but not naked, Yet....
« on: December 14, 2013, 03:00:33 PM »
I am afraid, but not naked, Yet..

I have no love for reality TV, simply because it is the most contrived piece of television drama, trying to pass itself off as real. But in today’s world there is no escaping it, even my beloved TNT and USA networks have fallen prey to this insidious plague. No longer am I able to camp out on those networks and watch endless reruns of NCIS, Bones, Law and Order, JAG, the Mentalists and other assorted scripted TV goodness. So now I channel surf, way to much.

Which caused me to stumble across a piece of contrived television known as “Naked and Afraid”. For those of you who have not heard of or seen "Naked and Afraid". Basically it is a piece of reality TV where two people, one male, and  one female are dropped in the middle of some wilderness with one survival tool a piece and a camera crew, of course. With the kicker being they have no clothing none at all. Can you imagine the pixelization budget for this project? Any way their goal is to survive in the wilderness for 21 days using what survivor skills they have, for the grand prize of 100,000. Good work if you are attention starved and not modest, I guess.

Even though the participants I was watching were American, I am pretty sure the genesis of this show is European in nature, just like Survivor and Big Brother have their roots in European television. I can spot that Sadomasochism Darwinist pathology which is so much a part of European society.  It explains the last part of 19th century and the 1st half of the 20th century in Europe. If the Hunger Games ever become a reality you can be pretty sure it will originate somewhere in Europe. But I really should not judge, because I watched six straight hours of this crap fest. Who’s the greater masochist? Me for watching so much of this stuff or the people who volunteered for it, at least they got paid.

After watching six hours of this stuff I came to a few conclusions. If I am going to watch naked people for an extended period of time. They need to be non-pixelizated, have the bodies of elite athletes, while doing things to each other which would both repulse and titillate me at the same time.  It is the duality of my nature, I no longer deny or suppress it, I just roll with it. Which brings me to my final conclusion.

There are only two circumstances where I would want to be naked and afraid. They would be if I was naked in a hotel room with a naked Ann Coulter, naked in a hotel room with a naked Michele Bachmann. Or if I was naked in a hotel room with both a naked Ann Coulter and a naked Michele Bachmann. Some of you have done the math and realized that that is three circumstances and also that we would be necked and not naked. Subtle on the latter as for the third circumstance that would not be a cause for fear. It would be a cause for terror, not because of the multiplicity of the Intelligent bat crap crazy, surely to be present in that room.  But because I would be terrified that god himself would strike me down dead for calling out his name so often, loudly and enthusiastically in the wrong venue.

By Bbell
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You must forgive them. So many people did not slay the bogey man living under their bed as a child. Thus they feel him everywhere, hence the need to always carry a gun. Living in fear of the bogey man is a heavy burden for people to carry. So sad. 

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Re: I am afraid but not naked, Yet....
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2013, 03:33:00 PM »
I avoid reality TV simply by not having access to commercial or cable station. It's simple.
I do note an interesting point agreement we have in reference to two particularly attractive women Ann Coulter and Michelle Bachman. Both, of course, are on my side of the aisle politically. What I find most interesting is that you did not choose someone from your own side, say, Hillary Clinton or Madeline Albright, or Patti Murray, or Rachel Maddow or Melissa Harris-Perry with the tampons hanging from her ears.  ;D
"Race has now replaced rule of law officially. In one speech our president has reversed 60 years of healing the racial divide and destroyed the dream of Dr. King. The result will be an exact reversal of the conditions existing before The Civil Rights Act. And the hardest hit will be the children in whose name the left always claims to act. Well done Obama". - Pendark

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Re: I am afraid but not naked, Yet....
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2014, 04:31:47 PM »
Excellent, G.  Nancy Pelosi scares the crap out of me.
“The Boogy man not commeth because I carry.  He knows I'll put a cap in his ass." - Me

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Re: I am afraid but not naked, Yet....
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2014, 06:56:37 PM »
I want my MTV...
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Re: I am afraid but not naked, Yet....
« Reply #4 on: July 25, 2014, 08:50:55 PM »
Gilligan's Island and Hogans Heroes!
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