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Netflix over mobile phone
« on: June 07, 2014, 08:11:34 AM »
Yesterday I did something that I thought would not go well. After downloading a program to override the hotspot block on my phone I reactivated my Netflix account and streamed a 2 hour movie to my laptop. The movie streamed perfectly which to be honest was a surprise. Because before I joined the "unplugged club" my cable Netflix streams had a lot of stalls and starts. Now there was a price for this it used up 888mb of data of my 5gb of data at high speed mobile. Surprisingly my high speed is only 3g which before I rooted my phone averaged speeds of about 800kbps now after the root the speeds stay pretty much in the 900kps with forays into the full 1mbps.

I am still weighing the pros and cons of this. Because there are lots of places with free wifi and people who will give you there cable public wifi password. Netflix can be streamed many places, maybe not as well as over my phone because wifi traffic at certain places can drag down the speeds over their networks or they may block the website. Plus I like watching things in private. The great thing about Netflix is the cancel anytime policy, so I can catch up on a few movies that I may have missed and a HBO series or two that I have been wanting to watch. Then I can cancel for another six months or so. It would be really nice if Netflix would reach a deal with mobile carriers that they would pay them a small stipend not to charge for their streaming data. The truth Netflix could charge me an extra $7 for that service and I would pay it and keep Netflix year round.
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