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When You are Talking Loud on Your Cell Phone
« on: July 01, 2014, 11:37:33 PM »
When You are Talking Loud on Your Cell Phone

It has come to my attention that there are people out there who need to know why talking loudly on their cellphones in public is a bad practice that is just plain old rude. Let me explain it —to you —like this.

When you are talking loudly on your cellphone and saying things like, “you never do this or do that.” How can I or my party tell if you are being an unreasonable shrew or bastard respectively, if we cannot observe the body language of the other person. You are making us guess and that is just rude.

Now when it comes to illicit sex talk, when shocked, you know we humans have a tendency to repeat back what we have just heard. So when we hear things come out of your mouth that only the most hedonistic of non Christians would be doing on a Sunday night. Just who should me and my party be slut shaming? Tell me, how would you feel if you ended your conversation and overheard my party slut shaming you, when you were not the one violating the Sabbath with such unspeakable debauchery? You would feel bad and I would feel bad, because I for one do not want to engage in slut shaming the wrong woman. Or if it is a guy, I do not want to give him the, you have done the Homo sapiens male species proud— head nod. If he is not the one who deserves it.

Okay, here is the big one, because I am an American. If you are talking loudly and in a foreign language on your cellphone. There is only a couple of reasons I can think of why you are speaking loudly and in a foreign language. One. You are talking about me, you want me to know, but you do not want me to know what you are saying. When you do that, you are so lucky I cannot understand what you are saying. Because I would plant my foot so far up your rear end that I could hit that end call button with my big toe. Damn French!! Pourquoi demande pourquoi?

However, chances are the real reason you are using a foreign language and talking loudly, is that you are a terrorist. I for one do like spending my time while waiting in line, waiting for my meal or using public transportation, trying to figure out how quickly I can make it to an exit or which wall could withstand a major blast. Just in case you leave your table without taking your purse, briefcase, laptop or backpack with you. Or if you stand up and shout something I cannot understand followed by Allah. It is just rude to have me and my party in fight or flight mode for the entire duration of your phone call.
Hey I don't care if I am a visitor in your country. If you are talking loudly on your cellphone, show some respect, either talk softly or use English. I am a judgmental American.

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You must forgive them. So many people did not slay the bogey man living under their bed as a child. Thus they feel him everywhere, hence the need to always carry a gun. Living in fear of the bogey man is a heavy burden for people to carry. So sad.