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Lucy (Scarlett Johansson ) is the story of a young college student studying in South East Asia. Who after a night of partying with her new boyfriend of a week is forced by him into delivering a mysterious briefcase. Things go very wrong and Lucy ends up being forced to mule a new synthetic drug for an Asian drug lord. After refusing the advances of one of the drug lords henchmen, Lucy is kicked in the stomach breaking the bag carrying the drugs. The drugs start to have an immediate affect on her. That effect being that it is increasing the amount of her brain she can use from the standard 10% to what we believe will be 100% of her brain.

I started seeing trailers for this movie about 6 months ago and about 2 months ago I ran across an article about how false the 10% brain usage for humans is. The opening line of the piece was how can you base a whole movie on a false premise. The answer is simple, you base your movie on a false premise. As long as you stay within the framework of your premise the movie will work. In the 1st 10 minutes of the movie Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) lays out all things a person should be able to do as they access greater amounts of their brain's capacity. The movie Lucy, never veers from that framework. Which means it gets my respect for that act alone. Many have commented on how silly Lucy is because of the concept of the movie. I say so what, not many sci fi movies are true sci fi, they are more sci fantasy which is what Lucy is.

To me what makes Lucy a good movie is the influences that it draws on. They are Dune's Bene Gesserit, with their passing down of memories and knowledge through the cells and also the manipulation of their body chemistry with the help of the spice melange. Babylon 5's Ironheart episode where he was given a drug to boost his telepathic abilities and underwent the same metamorphosis as Lucy. Also among my favorite things is Lucy contention that time is the only constant in the universe. Take that I say Eisenstein. But the best part of Lucy is that they do not betray their framework like the Edge of Tomorrow did and so many other sci fi movies, in order to have a Hollywood ending. As Lucy grows in power she does not go on a killing spree, she does not start to think of herself as a god, she writes down the knowledge she has accumulated (how un Hollywood is that). She does not pity man and humanity, she sees it for what it is, a work in progress. Then she states another belief that I have long held. That with true intelligence not just knowledge comes understanding and wisdom, not the thirst for power.

In short it would have been hard for this movie to fail for me. It had Luc Besson directing. All he needs is a relative attractive woman who can act and wear a tight black dress while carrying a gun. And he will give you something good like he did with Lucy. To watch Scarlett Johansson go from a young woman begging, pleading to stay alive to someone who has transcended man, yet still understands the quality of mercy. Was a good way for me to spend 90 mins., so forget what you know for 90 mins. Except the premise and enjoy a pretty good movie. 3 out of 4 stars.
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Re: Lucy
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I have not seen the film, but I think your point is well taken. Movies don't have to conform to reality, so long as the reality they use is consistent throughout the film. I suspose to some extent, given the quality of modern education, that a large portion of the viewers of the film will believe that they are only using 10% of their brains (which given the voting pattern of the last two presidential elections might actually be true), however, people believe a lot of myths, so caveat emptor. It does sound like an interesting film. Thank you for your review BBELL.
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Re: Lucy
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Sounds like something I would enjoy. If it entertains, it's good to me.
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