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John Wick (2.5 out of 4)
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John Wick (2.5 out of 4)
John Wick stars Keanu Reeves as a retired hit man for the Russian mob who is forced out of retirement. John Wick was the type of assassin the Russian mob sent to do the most difficult jobs there were. After falling in love John Wick asked to retire from the Russian mob. His boss at the time agreed to release him, if John Wick could complete a near impossible mission. When John completed the mission he was granted his freedom.

A few years later on the day his wife is buried after suffering from a prolong illness. He receives a grieving gift that she arranged to be delivered to him before she died. Shortly after that John encounters some young men who wanted his 1969 mustang. After John refused to sell it to them they steal it and harms his grieving gift. In short order John finds out who stole his car and harmed his grieving gift. John comes from a world where you take revenge without mercy. The problem in this case is that the ring leader of the theft, is the son of his former boss. The former boss reaches out to John to offer an olive branch, but John refuses. Thus follows a relentless amount of violence.

When you make a movie like John Wick, where nothing is original and the violence is relentless. Chances of you making it well are slim, however if you do, you get a movie like John Wick. The violence in John Wick is not as senseless as in most movies of this type, however the reason for it is rather thin. In my case it was also comical, because Michael Vick's crimes did not make me apoplectic. If you enjoy stylized violence done well, John Wick rates 2 ½ stars out of four.
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Re: John Wick (2.5 out of 4)
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One more example why I am finding that the new TV series, currently watching Californication, are so much better than anything Hollywood has got to offer.
Thank you for the reviews BBELL. As always we appreciate you taking it on the chin for the group.
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