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The Equalizer (2 out of 4)
« on: November 03, 2014, 08:24:34 PM »
The Equalizer  (2 out of 4)

The Equalizer is the first of three movies that I will review that have an undercurrent centered around the loss of a wife. Denzel Washington plays Robert McCall a retired CIA operative who was very good at field work which required extreme measures. Robert has retired after the death of his wife partly to keep a promise to her. Robert is a very discipline an orderly person who now works at a Home Depot type store. He has severe insomnia, so often in the middle of the night he visits an neighborhood diner and reads books from a list of 100 books his wife left him. At the time we meet him he is in the middle of The Old Man and the Sea, the anvils are a dropping. He has also struck up a casual acquaintance with a prostitute where he casually discusses the books he is reading and she tells him of her hopes of becoming a singer.

After having a bad experience with a client the prostitute decides to take the night off and just talk to Robert. This ends badly when her Russian mob pimp shows up to claim her. He threatens Robert with a gun and Robert does nothing. The next night when she is not at the diner Robert is informed that she is in the hospital. After seeing how badly she was beaten he tries to help. By offering her pimp all of his saving for her freedom. As you can imagined this meeting goes worst than their first. In that the Russian pimp and several of his men end up dead. Because the prostitution ring was a small part of a much larger criminal organization. It sets in motion a series of events that leads Robert into a confrontation with a major international crime boss.

For those of us who watched the television series by this name. This is not that Robert McCall. This Robert is much more bloody in his solutions. He works alone at this point anyway, because the ending is set up for a sequel. If you are expecting the television version of the Equalizer, you will be very disappointed with this movie. However if you like modern action movies, then you will understand the violence that fills this movie and the creative ways in which people die. This movie has a lot of great actors in it with a few stars having cameos, which leads you to believe this is not a one off movie. The acting is good but to be honest the plot is a well traveled one, so much so that I can only give this movie 2 stars out of 4.
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Re: The Equalizer (2 out of 4)
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I have found that the use of certain names in a title, like The Equalizer, is a pretty good clue to the mediocrity of a book or a movie. If an author or screenwriter can't come up with a name more creative than that, one's expectations for the work has to be adjusted accordingly.
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Re: The Equalizer (2 out of 4)
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Thanks for those reviews BBell. I could swear I seen them but then maybe I just read other reviews and didn't.  ~---~
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