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A Whine is a Terrible Thing to Waste
« on: June 04, 2016, 11:50:04 PM »
A Whine is a Terrible Thing to Waste

In direct response to Paul Ryan endorsement of him and a reporter asking him, “Is this how your presidency would be?” Donald Trump has decided to release a white paper on his upcoming run for the White House and his very presumed presidency. Donald J Trump is announcing that his strategy for his presidency will be the same as his run for the presidency. Whining! Trump knows that many in the horrible, horrible media especially the news media will not fully comprehend his strategy, so he is explaining it in this short white paper.

Why I Whine and the practical applications in modern politics:

Let's talk about the wall, the wall with Mexico. I said I will build it and Mexico will pay for it. And they will through the power of whining. —Let me explain. What I will do is every hour I will call the Mexican president and tell him the same thing. “Your Mexican citizens are looking at Americans and they are touching Americans. Pay for the wall!” Every hour I will do this, when he stops taking my calls directly I will leave a voice message. You know, like ex girlfriends do, when you break up with them. I will write on his Facebook wall, in my case it will be more like graffiti. If he de-friends me I will tweet at him every hour, “Your Mexican's are looking at Americans”, “Your Mexican's are touching Americans”. Pay for the wall!” Every now and then I will throw in, “They are raping our women.” @#StoprapingourAmericanwomen. With the help of my friends we will rapist shame the Mexican government into paying for that wall. Combine that with my active policy of having all Americans actively showing all Mexican looking people which way is south. be they professional looking or common day laborers. Because none of them can be trusted to do their jobs or trusted to be around American women. Now that's a plan for wall building and self deportation.

Now let me tell you how I would handle Putin? Twitter! You know I would tweet out every day “Putin you are a horrible horrible person who likes to make me look bad.” @#Putinsucks. Everyday I will do this, some times three or four times a day. Folks!— twitter is the modern battle field equivalent of, carpet bombing. You know how much I love carpet bombing. @#Putinsucks, everyday the same messages, “Putin you are a horrrible horrrible person”, “Stop making me look bad”, “Let's make a deal.” With my many American friends joining in, it will be like carpet bombing his psyche, if done right, and you all know, I know how to tweet. “Putin's Russia sucks!”, is all I am saying here, and there @#Putinsucks

When it comes to the Middle East I have got this problem solved. First of all, to much old stuff over there that is in need of a remodel and some rebranding. First thing I am going to do is change that Wailing Wall to the the Trump International Whining Wall. Don't worry about how I will do it, because I know how to make deals and I know how to tweet. Once that fabulous Trump International Whining Wall is open. You will have Jews and Muslims visiting my wall everyday all whining together. And do you know what you get when you have a bunch of people whining together? In America you get a Tea Party, but over there you get a pity party, no ordinary pity party, I mind you. But a Trump International Whining Wall Pity Party. It will be a beautiful affair with Trump steaks, cheese, whine and wine, the drinking kind. I know many of you in the horrible media can not see it yet, because that is just step one in my Middle East peace plan.

You see once I get them all together I will sell them on peace because that is what I do. I will offer the Jews, kosher wine from my winery at a discount, because you know the Jews like good wine and a good discount. So for cutting the Palestinians some slack, good kosher Trump wine at a steep discount for all the Jews everywhere. What Jew wouldn't give peace a chance for a deal like that. As for those Muslims, I will explain the facts of life to them. 72 virgins when die? You got to let them know, all the virgins in heaven are flat chested, every last one of them. Why do you think they died with out having sex. Flat chested women, are all fours or fives. Plus I will explain to them, what happens when you have sex with virgins. They BLEED! So you want to blow up yourself and others for 72 flat chested virgin women who are bleeding from their where ever. The dry cleaning alone. Then to seal the deal, I will show them a picture of the type of woman, that real men live peacefully and lustily for, because I always carry around a picture of my sexy daughter Ivanka. Because my daughter is good like that.

I've been researching the perfect slogan for this type of presidential campaign. I have looked to many pass greats like Henry Sanders, “Whining isn't everything, it's the only thing.” Or perhaps the great Al Davis, “Just Whine, baby!”  But after much research and soul searching I decided to go with a living legend, A good friend of mine who loves me, by the way. That living legend being Charlie Sheen, and borrowing his ,“Whining,” attitude slogan. So from now on, pose your questions to Me!

How will I handle North Korea? Whining!
How will I handle the economy? Whining!
How will I fix the VA? Whining!
How will I make America great again? Whining!
Donald J Trump. I am the best man at the right time with the perfect WHINE!

By B. Bell
You must forgive them. So many people did not slay the bogey man living under their bed as a child. Thus they feel him everywhere, hence the need to always carry a gun. Living in fear of the bogey man is a heavy burden for people to carry. So sad. 

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Re: A Whine is a Terrible Thing to Waste
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2016, 06:58:25 AM »
You will get no argument from me in defense of Donald Trump, who I detest. However, I would like to see a treatment of equal sagacity of the Hillary. Do you have the personal and intellectual integrity to do so?
"Race has now replaced rule of law officially. In one speech our president has reversed 60 years of healing the racial divide and destroyed the dream of Dr. King. The result will be an exact reversal of the conditions existing before The Civil Rights Act. And the hardest hit will be the children in whose name the left always claims to act. Well done Obama". - Pendark