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This movie stars Tom Hanks as Sully the pilot of the Plane. He really gave a great performance.  He is a very good actor.  Movie was directed by Clint Eastwood

Story Line

This  film tells the true story of crash of a US Airways flight in 2009 and goes way beyond the attempt to thrill and surprise viewers with crash sequences. It goes deep into the heart and soul of survivors, especially the pilot, Sully, who did the untrained, and near-impossible Hudson River landing with no engine power. Glide, “ Brace”, skim water, sink, and during that time the pilot and crew manage to save all 155 aboard. A true miracle we all watched on television’s news broadcasts.

We went to the movie theater to see this movie and it was so good that I am giving it 5 Star rating based on a 5 star rating.  I rarely have given a movie  a 5 star rating.