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Personal Avatars
« on: March 08, 2005, 06:41:58 PM »
I have a free image host for personal avatars. If you have a personal avatar you want to use, save it to your hard drive and upload it or use a free image host.

To do this: Make a new folder in your My Pictures folder, I called mine "Avatars". Right click on the image you want to use and select "Save Picture as..." a box opens, at the top you will see a line called "Save in..." use the drop down to save your image to the new folder. Now go to an image host, this one is free and easy to use http:// and click on "Browse", Go to the image you just saved and click on "Host it". A new window will open. To use the image as an avatar, copy the link at the very bottom of the page -  "Here is a direct link to your image." -  and paste it in the area in your profile that says:

Upload Avatar from your machine:  click on browse and find your image.
Upload Avatar from a URL:
Enter the URL of the location containing the Avatar image, it will be copied to this site.
Link to off-site Avatar:
Enter the URL of the location containing the Avatar image you wish to link to.  

[i:2jo3wwpb]Only one image can be displayed at a time, its width can be no greater than 200 pixels, the height no greater than 200 pixels, and the file size no more than 20KB.[/i:2jo3wwpb]

Click on "Submit" at the bottom.

To use the image in a post, select the first link, copy and paste into the post.

It's actually pretty simple once you do it.

If you need more assistance, email the link or image to me in a gif format, along with your user name and if possible and I'll put it in your profile.
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