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Better maintenance technique for earbuds.
« on: March 13, 2017, 06:09:58 AM »
Better maintenance for earbuds.

Today, many mobile devices come with in ear, earbud headphones with exchangeable rubber tips. These type of headphones are great, but for me there is one major problem with them. The problem I use to have with them is heavy ear wax build up on the fine mesh screen. I know I am not the only one with this problem because there are plenty of cleaning instructions on line that work. However they all involve the same steps which can damage the screen or speakers if not done carefully and even if you are careful, constant cleaning of anything usually leads to some kind of damage. So long story short here is a technique to lessen the cleaning routine of earbud headphones.

-Short version, you will need a very small piece of stretch wrap and a pair of scissors. Remove the rubber tips from a new pair or freshly clean earbuds.  Now cut about a 1cm long equilateral triangle piece of stretch wrap. Place it over the port of the earbud, center it, then bring the sides down around the port. The stretch wrap will cling to the port, then replace the tips. This version is the quickest.

-The long version requires a plastic shopping bag, some sewing thread, and a pair of scissors. You will need to cut a much larger triangle piece with the plastic shopping bag because it does not cling like stretch wrap. You will need to put a slipknot into the thread. After placing the triangle piece over the port of the earbuds, you will need to pull down the sides, then slip the buds into the slipknot and pull the knot tight. Then you should pull the sides of the plastic to make it sit tightly and flush to the top of the earbud port. After doing that you will have to trim the excess thread and plastic shopping bag. Then replace the tips.

Either way this will stop you from having to remove excessive wax build up from your earbuds screens buy using a small brush and hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. The advantage of stretch wrap is that it is quicker. The downside is that it will tear more easily when just wiping it off. The plastic shopping bags takes more time and finger dexterousness, but can withstand more vigorous and often cleaning before tearing.
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