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The fine Print (not a movie title!)
« on: August 08, 2005, 06:32:08 PM »
In writing these reviews I have attempted to select a wide range of movies, some old some new that are readily available in your local videostore. To a large extent I have purposely gone to the store and selected films I knew little or nothing about. My point of view is that we don't always want to see the latest release. If, like me, you are on a plan that allows you to take out an unlimited number of films each month so long as they have been out for a month of more you can rapidly find yourself searching among unfamiliar titles. So one purpose of these reviews is to give you some idea of what you might want to look at or avoid when you are surfing the shelves.
As I have stated in the past. The reviews are my opinion. I try to flavor it to my audience. I try as much as I can to see the film through your eyes. However, I am much more catholic in my views, and enjoy a wider range of film styles and content than most. I do try to add provisos to allow for those differences.
I hope these reviews help you in finding films you enjoy and avoiding those not worth your time or effort.
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