Author Topic: Using Proxies Or Hiding Your IP Address  (Read 22900 times)

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Using Proxies Or Hiding Your IP Address
« on: October 14, 2006, 01:58:45 PM »
We are sure you are all aware that there exist on the internet certain people who seem to derive their sole pleasure in life from causing distress to others. They go by various titles, flamers, spammers, etc. As a general rule, this forum has remained fairly free of this form of detritus. However, periodically we are visited by representatives of this group of sociopaths. They tend to use proxy servers so that they can not be recognized by their IP address. They may attempt to open a number of accounts so that when we block one they can slip over to another and continue their presence. Even though the behavior is essentially adolescent, the largest number of practitioners are people in their middle ages with nothing much to occupy their lives.
In order to reduce the presence of these people we are not allowing people to use proxy accounts to access the forum. If you are signing up for membership and using a proxy account to do so your account will be blocked and banned from the forum. Any accounts discovered to be doing so will also be blocked and banned.
We hope that this does not cause any problems. If there is a special reason for you to use this form of connection please email one of the Administrators and explain the reason you feel that you should be allowed a waiver.
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