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Flashing Bios without a Floppy
« on: April 22, 2007, 11:53:10 AM »
Flash your bios on a pc with no floppy drive.

flashcd.iso is an image of a bootable dr-dos 7 cd. In order to make it
usable to also handle your bios flash files it has a cdrom driver and
mscdex.exe loaded. What you will be doing is adding your bios flashing
program and bios file to the .iso and then burning the .iso to cd.


The best way to flash a bios is using a clean booting 1.44 floppy disk
but lots of pcs are built these days where the manufacturer thought it
was a a cool idea not to include one.

If you have another pc with a floppy drive, you should really first try
copying your bios flash files to a clean, bootable dos floppy and then
burning a boot cd from the boot floppy that contains the flash utilities
and using that cd on your floppyless pc.

Or better yet, see if you can add a floppy disk to your pc.

If the above are not options then using this util and instructions is
another way to address your dilemma.

Please be aware of the possible implications of flashing before you
proceed and ALSO make sure that:

1. The bios flash upgrade from your motherboard maker actually addresses
the problem you are trying to solve.

2. You make a backup of your bios which you should be able to do on your
hard drive but also save the backup to a cd so you can get to it later with
a bootable cd such as this.


There are 2 files in this zippack, this readme and the flashcd.iso file.
If you just burn the .iso as a test you'll see the bootfiles as drive A:
What you are going to do is add your bios flash files to flashcd.iso and
then burn your bootable cd which will include your bios files which will
be seen in drive R: I'd also add the bios backup file you made.

I use UltraISO to do this. It's a free trial.

To add bios files:

File | Open | Select flashcd.iso | Open | Image windows shows bootable |
Select your bios files in the lower window | Drag to the top window | File |

Note that oddly, the file size of flashcd.iso may not change.

To burn:

File | Open | Click on flashcd.iso | Open | You'll see your bios flash
files on the right | Tools | Burn

Also note that if using another program it's best to use the same program
to copy files to the .iso and use the same program to burn the modified .iso

When you boot with the cd the startup files will be seen as drive A: and
the bios files will be seen as drive R:

Keep in mind that adding files to an .iso is still a new science. Also use
a good brand of media.

OK now that you read the instructions here is where to get the FlashCD to be able to flash your Bios. Remember that the download file is in zip format so unzip it before you use UltraISO to add the bios and burn the CD.

To download FlashCD click [u:62piyiuc][color=red:62piyiuc]HERE[/color:62piyiuc][/u:62piyiuc]
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