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Quote from: "shaggybirdman"
i may misunderstand your reply. what i mean will word read open office files. i thought i read open office uses a different file extension, or are you saying word will read them?

You can must you must save it as word. Open office reads just about any format automaticly but for word to read openoffice you got to to save as word you can do that by going to file>save as> and when the new box opens file type .doc (i believe thats it). It will say Microsoft word 200 3003 xp. There is one thing about this software in my opinion its much more powerful then MSoffice. It does everythin Ms office does plus more. The problem there is if you do something Ms office doesnt do It will not show up when you open it on msoffice. Exp being the sounds provided will not show up  on Msoffice. However all your text should be there saved the way you left it.
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open is simply the best free software I have ever seen or tried. I use if for all my writings. It even makes pdfs. I have been using it to make spread sheets and forms for work. They are not company approved but they are defintely more user friendly, and growing in popularity.
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ok i'm sold. it's going on instead of word.
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Re: Open Office - Free Office Suite Software - Word, Excel etc.
« Reply #18 on: February 28, 2009, 01:06:23 PM »
I've been using and enjoying open office lately.

However, a few problems I've noticed.

People using word cannot open my files.  So I have to save as *.doc  with vista this tells me it may cause problems.  Will it or not?  I don't know.  And I have sent some *.doc files to users who still could not open them.

Printing is a pain in the ass.  Can't just click print.  it leaves stuff out and doesn't print right.  I have to do the xml or whatever it is converter then print ONE PAGE AT A TIME.  perhaps I am doing things wrong.  Oh well, it's free and eventually I'll get it all figured out.

Thanks again for the heads up on this overall, rather usable software...
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Re: Open Office - Free Office Suite Software - Word, Excel etc.
« Reply #19 on: February 28, 2009, 03:30:36 PM »
What version of Open Office are you using?  I just installed Open Office 3.0 the latest one about two weeks ago on my Vista Home Premium machine.

I'm not having problems with other people opening documents I have created,  but I have the Writer program to default to save every file as an Microsoft 97/2000/XP.doc

The way to do this is
Go to Tools Menu
Select  Options
Select Load Save
Select General
Select Always Save As then Select MS Word 97/2000/XP

If the people you are sending these documents to, have an older version of Word than MS Word 97 you can also save the file as Microsoft Word 95 or even 6.0.  As a last resort you can save the file in .rtf (rich text format)  but you may loose some of your formatting.

The documents I have created in the Open Office Writer are pretty simple, nothing with a lot of formatting etc.

I'm not having any problem printing either.

There is a forum at Open, that may have other answers for you.