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Moscow Zero
« on: November 16, 2008, 09:29:41 AM »
I made two attempts to watch this one, the first was on Friday night. I thought I was just not picking up subtleties in the plot and turned it off. Then I tried again on Saturday when I was in a more receptive and accepting mood. The results were the same. This is a pointless, idiotic movie in which scenes of people moving through "catacombs" under Moscow are shown over and over and nothing of any consequence evolves in the first 55 minutes which is all I could stand. The story is supposed to be about a priest trying to find a friend who went down into the catacombs to seek the gate to hell. The priest and another friend hire two guides to assist them and are joined by a beautiful Russian girl who is supposed to be part of a group that lives in the deepest levels. Having read the two novels, The Relic and The Reliquary which detail to some extent the subterranean inhabitants of the subways under New York I thought this one might do something. It does nothing but drag on idiotically without any cohesion to the scenes. It is, in essence, a chase movie with none of the excitement of a chase, and nothing even vaguely supernatural.  ))*^%$
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