Author Topic: what best way ? switch 1 to switch 2 or ???  (Read 1246 times)

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what best way ? switch 1 to switch 2 or ???
« on: February 02, 2011, 10:41:08 PM »
Please no mention of wireless Please.
 Okay,wanted more ports so now bought two 8 port  Ethernet switches/
Switch1 is next to me attached to baseboard , presently four items on it.
   the other one  (switch 2     (for other side of house stuff/ new still in box 
The router and modem is across the room same side at Hubbys computer desk. The router has four  ports / One port we ran a cable down the floor to basement and up floor. goes to the switch next to me.
    okay all, we are trying to decide if the cable should run from switch 1 to switch 2??? Or from router to switch 2  ??? any advantages like for less reliable or slower etc???
    The upside to me seems to run from switch 1 to SWITCH 2> Cause otherwise   I lose 2 ports on the Main Router.....   It is already full/ cause it has
 1. His computer
 2. the plug next to bed ( for laptop. or other older internet radio etc,
3. behind his computer desk say to hook up my internet radio or printer etc
4. cable running to switch 1
 tried reading about Patch cables, crossover cables, pass thru cables.   kind of understand some but not  all of. 
Hubby has made lots of cables various lengths adding his own RJ45 ends. He has gotten extremely good at it. He barely messes up and has to REPLUG.
  I hope I am  asking right question  He stopped running wire for the night. So please advise so he can finish that part   the rolled up Cat  6 is rolled up under desk. waiting for us to decide which is more efficient.
 Thanks all
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Re: what best way ? switch 1 to switch 2 or ???
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2011, 12:01:02 PM »
Generally, you can connect your modem to any of the positions on your router. The others can be used for any other stuff you want to share the signal with. I normally connect the modem to position one, even though it isn't required. It just feels right.
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