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Don't Look Up
« on: April 19, 2011, 06:31:06 PM »
This one is supposed to be a remake of a film of the same name by Hideo Nakata, the producer of The Ring and Dark Rain, neither of which scored very highly in my book. Japanese vengeful ghosts have never been my taste in horror films. However, I thought I would give it a try since the setting was Romania and involved Gypsies. Gypsies may be the one minority group it still isn't considered to be in bad taste to marginalize. All sorts of idiotic garbage is attributed to them and their system of beliefs. This film adds insult to injury. There is nothing about it that can be considered as anything less than disgusting racism towards Gypsies. Add to that, the acting, script and sets are ridiculously amateurish. I really tried to watch it, but had to eject it after what I can only call a punishing 30 minutes. Don't even consider this one.  ))*^%$ ))*^%$ ))*^%$
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